The Vortex Equine Private Charter Service USA And Canada

Ideal for:

  • Barns/teams with five or more horses traveling at a time
  • Direct, no milk-run-stop trips
  • Mare and Foal trips
  • Horse show trips
  • Veterinarian visits

Key distinction:

  • No additional trailer acquisition for your operation
  • Horse or tack overflow management (less trips back and forth to shows)

Notice time:

Charter bookings are available with as little as 48 hours notice

Charter capacity:

  • Option 1: (5) Box stalls
  • Option 2: (2) Box stalls, (4) 1.5 Stalls, (2) Large single stalls
  • Option 3: (2) Box stalls, (6) standard single stalls, (2) Large single stalls